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Paste an amino acid sequence in FASTA format into the submit form. A prediction generally takes 15-30 seconds depending on the length of the sequence. For unusually long sequences, a prediction may take a few minutes.

Interpreting results

Topology output: This is a graphic representation of the most likely topology as predicted by OCTOPUS.
The raw data underlying this plot can also be found in the OCTOPUS topology file.

Network output: The two diagrams show the estimated preference for each residue to be located in different structural regions. The top diagram shows the preference of being either in:
- the hydrophobic part of the membrane, 0-13Å from the membrane center (M)
- the membrane water-interface, 11-18Å from the membrane center (I)
- a close loop region, 13-23Å from the membrane center (L)
- a globular region, further than 23Å from the membrane (G)
The bottom diagram shows the estimated preference of a particular residue to be located either on the inside (i) or on the outside (o) of the membrane.
The raw data underlying these two plots can be found in the OCTOPUS network file.

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